Little Chaps Miniature Show Horses




Little Chap's Miniature Show Horses is located in beautiful Riverside (Woodcrest), California. We are a small family farm that specializes in refined, exotic, double registered miniatures & show ponies; prudently crossing small, AMHR/ASPC Moderns with Arenosa/Hackney & Shetland lines. Our commitment is to produce quality halter and performance champions from the top bloodlines in the business today. 



Little Chap's Miniature Show Horses is located in Riverside (Woodcrest), California. 

These are just a sampling of what we raise, show and promote at our farm. 

If you are looking for something special, give us a call. 


  "To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of the arts"



We are members of the Pacific Coast Miniature Horse Club and participate in all scheduled shows. 

2013 Show Schedule:

March 16th Ingalls Park, Norco, Ca.

April 20th

Riverside Rancheros, Riverside, Ca.

May 24th, 25th, 26th

Area Vll Show; Ingalls Park, Norco, Ca.

June 15th

Inglall's Park, Norco, Ca.

July 6th,

Ingall's Park, Norco, Ca.
September 5th-15th AMHR Nationals; Tulsa, Oklahoma